Ingo Niermann

2006, 2009 revised and translated
  “Redesigning the Fatherland”
Interview with Daniel Miller, The Local
“What’s so interesting about Ingo — co-founder of Redesigndeutschland, author of books like Umbauland, and a leading campaigner for the Great Necro-Pyramid — is that his genre is speculative non-fiction, which combines an interest in the interesting with a quest for actuality, for rightness, for the making of fact. Perhaps nothing can be truly interesting unless it — at the very least — aspires to become right, real and true.“
Momus, Click Opera
“Yet another interesting project of this pop-totalitarian age … What is so disturbing about Niermann’s book is the matter-of-fact, nudge-and-wink humour, the harmlessness, even niceness in the tone with which he presents his visions. … He conveys world history like a spooky comic strip, an absurd science fiction story.”
Georg Diez, Sign and Sight